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Last Updated October 20, 2022

Wild Games Slot Review

Wild Games an exciting video slot released during the 2012 London Olympics is a well-loved game. The game, just like watching Olympic Games is fun. It has evolved and developed much since its inception. Playtech capitalised on the fact that the Olympic Games are watched a lot all over the world. The coins start from 0.01 with just one for a single bet on each pay line. This game is still much loved by many today. It has grabbed many people's attention because of the Olympic-style theme. Slots online players can earn a bonus game, free spins, win a jackpot and assured of great entertainment.
Wild Games Slot Playtech

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If You Get A Gold Medal It Will Become Extra Expanding Wild!

Wild Games is a 5 reel 25 pay lines game developed by Playtech and has wild animals participating in different events. The game has four bonus features in total with three of them as free spins features. The wild Games logo is wild, and five wilds activated on a pay line with 3000 coins will earn you the jackpot. One of the three remaining bonus is triggered when you manage to get three or the same animal stacked on the middle reel turn wild. The bonus features are, freestyle swims bonus, 100-metre dash bonus and the balance beam bonus feature. The cheetah triggers a 100-metre dash bonus feature when activated, choose one of them to run the race. The bulldog will activate the freestyle swim bonus feature, choose one of them to receive a medal. The hippo will activate the beam balance bonus feature. The graphics, animations and sound effect make the game exciting. The game is mobile friendly.

The game keeps you excited and looking forward to more. The three symbols, the cheetah, hippo and the bulldog stacked on the middle reel will pay up to 3000. To be rewarded with a cash prize, you have to get 3 gold, silver or bronze medal symbols in the game. Bronze medals will give you between 2 and 40 times your stake, while silver medals will be between 3 and 70. Gold medals are the most rewarding as you will receive between 4 and 100 times your stake. This game of 5 reels just like many other 5 reels slot games has 25 pay lines creating more ways for players to win. It’s an interesting and entertaining game. Playtech is known for producing very exciting games, and Wild Games is one of them.

The Cheetah, The Hippo, The Bulldogs

3000 coins for five wilds of the Wild games logos in the jackpot triggered pay line are wild for all the symbols with the exception of the scattered medals. The bulldog will activate the freestyle bonus feature and receive gold, bronze or silver medal which starts with eight free spins but bronze gives you an extra two free spins.

Start With 8 Free Spins But Bronze Gives You An Extra 2 Free Spins

The maximum of free spins is two hundred. Only the medal that is won appears on the reels. The gold gives four spins while the silver three free spins and the bronze will add two more extra spins.The bulldog earns 2 more spins when a bronze medal is received in the game.

The hippo when triggered activates the balance beam bonus feature with 8 free spins and gives a Bonus game with a multiplying value of either a 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x or 10x multiplier. The bulldog when triggered activates the freestyle bonus feature with eight free spins and an extra bonus game.

To get a chance of winning the Jackpot you have to earn 3000 coins. The jackpot is not as easy to win, but the excitement and rush of the game can push you to win it. The real big wins will come from either the Freestyle Swim Bonus feature or the Balance Beam Bonus feature.

Wild Games Slot Is An Entertaining Game

Wild Games slot is among the best casino games. It’s interesting as well as fun to play. The unlocking of different features as you progress in the game makes it even wilder. The free spins in the game, sound and cool graphics add anticipation to it. If your very lucky you can keep on winning from either the Freestyle Swim Bonus feature or the Balance Beam Bonus feature. The game has been developed to be as much exciting as it can be.

  • 8 free spins
  • 5 reels and 25 paylines
  • 2 free bonus spins
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