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Last Updated October 20, 2022

Wild Orient Slot Review

Wild Orient is a five reel slot game from Microgaming Software Development Company. It has a far East theme inspired by animals and an Asian heritage altogether. Overall, the game has a spectacular representation, with the animal character symbols standing out. It has a Free Spins bonus feature which is activated by landing three or more stone carving Scatters Symbols. The game is a non-progressive jackpot slot, but gamers can win the maximum sum by matching symbols across the five reels, horizontally from left to right. Gamblers should play this fascinating game because it has many pay lines, making it among the more entertaining slots online.
Wild Orient Slot

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Coin Values and Levels In This Amazing Slot

Wild Orient has an excellent design on its gameplay outlay, making it very attractive. It is superb work by Microgaming, ensuring that the characters are resemblant of the animals they represent thanks to the crisp graphics. In following the current technological trends in the gaming industry, the developer ensures that the game is playable while on the move, by making it available on mobile platforms, specifically the iOS and Android. Gamblers can indulge on their iPhone, desktop computers, and even tablets (iPad), provided they are in a location with a stable internet connection. The gameplay screen has its frame made of bamboo and the background with a thick, bushy vegetation reminiscent of an Asian jungle. The Wild Orient slot’s title strongly supports the game’s narrative.

Wild Orient slot has five reels and 243 pay lines, which is more than the average thirty or forty that most online slots carry. Players can bet anywhere in a range of between £0.25 to £125. The minimum number and size of coins per line are one and 0.25, while the maximum number and size of coins per line are one and 125. The slot has a decent payout influenced by the high RTP (Return to Player) ratio of 97.5%, that is greater than in most similar games. Players stand to make a lot of money because the probability is far much higher in this slot as a result of the 243 pay lines. It offers a better chance to win the jackpot, which is the maximum sum that can be achieved.

The Symbols In Wild Orient Slot

Wild Orient has a myriad of symbols all of which lay influence in turn out of events during the game. The regular yet low-value symbols include A, 10, 9, J, Q, and K. They have labels tagged to them, that are emblems which resemble those of cultures such as that of the Chinese and Japanese. The high-value symbols in the game include a bird wading through water, a tiger, an elephant, a monkey, and a panda.

The Features Of Wild Orient Slot

Activating the Free spins feature requires a player to land three or more Scatters symbols which are presented in the form of stone carvings. By doing so, fifteen free spins are awarded, and any wins made in this feature are subject to a 3X multiplier that triples any win amount. More spins can be triggered within the feature, adding to the initial fifteen.

Wild Orient is a non-progressive jackpot slot with rampant payouts thanks to its high RTP (Return to Player) ratio. Matching any five symbols horizontally from, the left to the right across the reels wins a jackpot of 8,000 coins in the base game. Winning it in the Free Spins bonus feature where it is subjected to a 3X multiplier wins a whopping 60,000 coins.

Wild Orient Slot Features and Summary

The slot has a catchy theme that is matched by a far East musical playlist which is presumably Chinese. At the edges of the gameplay screen, there is a green leafy vegetation that suggests a forested environment which is most likely a jungle. The animals used to match this narrative are well presented, showcasing Microgaming’s prowess in the graphics department. It incorporates simple character symbols such as the letters of the alphabet (Q, A), numerics (10), and well-recognized animals; All of which are easy to attach to a particular aspect of the game i.e. Wilds and Scatters (free spins).

  • 3X Multiplier.
  • Autoplay Option.
  • Wild Symbol.
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