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Last Updated October 23, 2022

Nordic Heroes Slot Review

IGT (wagerworks) hit the ball out of the park with this one! There are very few slots online that embrace the forest theme, as well as Nordic Heroes, does. It brings you an age-long battle deep inside the Scandinavian forests where you get to battle as Thora or Ragnar. The game is beautifully designed. From the symbols on the translucent background to the thumping soundtracks, you feel the urgency of the battle at hand from the moment you start the game. The sounds totally embrace the era the game is set on, and the game has a special surprise for you too, you can level up your chosen player, a feature that not a lot of slots games have. In addition to all this, you still get all the goodies that come with slot online games such as this one. There is a bonus game where you get to battle different monsters and a jackpot that awaits those lucky enough to get it.
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Choose Your Character And Battle Monsters For Big Wins

When the Nordic Heroes opens, players are delighted by the sights and sounds of a battle that is just about to start. Players have the option of skipping the intro but you will be glad if you do not. Nordic Heroes by IGT (WagerWorks) is a five reel game with 30 paylines. The reels are translucent as mentioned and behind them lies a dense forest where the main battles take place. The symbols, as well as the soundtracks, are very well done, keeping you immersed and playing for hours on end. Everything is well labelled, and at the bottom, you get the usual option such as your bet levels, coin values and the total wins you have garnered. This game is also available on all PC, Mac and mobile platforms meaning that you can take it on the go should you wish.

To start Nordic Heroes, you have to place a bet. To do this, players have to click on the “Line Bet” button and place their wager. Bets range from 30 cents to 600 euros per spin. Do note that you can also bet using coins whose size range from 1 to 50. The spin button spins the reels one time, and if you do not trigger the bonus feature on any spin, a multiplier appear. The multiples range from 2x to 30x giving Nordic Heroes a very high RTP. The reels ca also be spun automatically using the autospin feature. All you have to do is select the number of coins to bet per spin, choose the number of spins and spin away. The reels spin at a moderate pace giving you ample time to enjoy the game.

Lots Of Different Symbols To Enjoy

The symbols in the game are all interesting and keeping up with the theme. In total, there are about eight symbols in Nordic Heroes that change according to the character that you choose to play as. There is Thora, a tree, berries, purple mushrooms, a bronze coin, an arrow and silver coins. When you level up your character, you get to change locations and when you do, the symbols shown on the screen change accordingly.

Battle For Victory Spins, Bonuses And The Jackpot

To get into the bonus game, you have to land three bonus symbols on reels one, three and five. When you do, you get a battle round and free spins. In the bonus game, you get to battle a monster depending on the character you chose to play as at the beginning. You get unlimited spins, and in each round, you do battle and with each hit, your life meter decreases. When the life meter runs to zero, the round ends and you collect all your winnings as well as XP points.

In Nordic Heroes there are two ways to land the jackpot. The first one is to do battle with the monsters and claim victory in the bonus game. Keep in mind that in this mode, you get special weapons that allow for bigger and better hits and help you win much more easily. The second way to win a jackpot is to land the 30x multiplier.

If you love Scandinavian games, Nordic Heroes Slot is the game for you. You get to choose your characters and do battle with monsters in order to win the casino bonuses available at whatever website you may be playing at. The graphics and soundtracks are stunning, and the 30x multiplier is an incentive to keep playing for hours on end. Although the jackpot is not very well defined, battling monster and winning should satiate the appetite of even the most avid players.

Nordic Heroes Slot Might Just Be The Best Slots Game Out There

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  • 2 player characters to choose from
  • 30x multipliers for spins that do not land you the bonus game
  • 5 reels and 30 paylines
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