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Nice to e-meet you! Kind of you to take an interest in the team behind casinos with Skrill!

The Team

What do you get when you combine coffee, a passion for online casinos and an unrivalled interest in payment methods? That’s right! The team behind casinos with Skrill



Newbie alert! I just graduated in July 2022, and now I’m helping Livia and Janni write content!



I’ve been analysing online casino companies for 5 years now – and I have an opinion about everything!



My Nordic roots make my colleagues a bit finicky sometimes; especially when it’s time for Fika.  



It takes a lot (of coffee) to keep the site running smooth! That’s my job and I absolutely love it.



I run the content team and make sure all research leads you right to the best Skrill casinos.



I help Jonathan with the servers and tweaks and learn a lot from him! He’s sort of my Miyagi. 



I talk to casinos day in and out and I love it! I secure the best offers for our visitors so that they can enjoy casinos with Skrill.


Jimmy Chew

Jimmy is a classy dog with a passion for shoes. He doesn’t understand why they come in pairs – but that doesn’t spoil the fun.

Want to talk to us?

We love talking! There’s several ways to contact us depending on what you want to achieve.


Business enquiries:

You can contact the brilliant team at Matching Visions who help us with our listings. 


General contact:

Email us at or call us at +448081753102.


Career opportunities:

Email your LinkedIn Profile + brief motivation to and include a funny GIF (dealbreaker if you don’t). 


Problems with the casinos:

We can’t help you solve disputes between yourself and a casino, but do let us know so that we can update our review if we get similar complaints. 


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Picture of Josh Williams

Josh Williams

With over 17 years of experience in the online casino industry, Josh has witnessed the rise of e-wallets and the immense benefits it has created for players. He has had articles featured on ESPN, CNN, Yahoo News and more! At he shares his extensive knowledge.